Remote Worker Support Service

Welcome to Remote Worker Support Service (a division of Get A Grip Youth & Community Services)

Why Remote Workers Need Support



Research reveals that a significant change often forces an individual (and their families) into an ‘adaptation’ process. This process is characterised by a series of ‘stages (1-6). In order to reach the final stage of adaptation, whereby there is an acceptance, tolerance, respect and understanding of cultural difference there can be some harrowing moments along the journey. For some, this transition experience results in “culture shock” with serious physical, emotional and psychological disruption.

Remote Worker Support Service endeavours to support individuals and their families in order to 1) understand the stages of adaptation, 2) to ensure that ongoing support is provided and 3) to develop an awareness of ones own character and background and how this impacts on cultural transition. Developing a respectful bi-cultural framework is a key focus of Remote Worker Support Service.


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Jayne Miller
Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner
Accredited Mental Health Social Worker